MILES Breaks Out NEVER HAVE I EVER EP Feat. Travis Barker

Friday, emerging artist MILES dropped his debut EP, Never Have I Ever, a pop record infused with a mixture of hip-hop and rock. 

The Los Angeles rapper has been teasing us and sprinkling breadcrumbs all over his Instagram. He finally served the five-track main dish, and it’s delicious.

The songs are: Miss Independent,” “The Internet” (feat. LØLØ), “When You’re Sober”, “Hollywood,” and “Never Have I Ever” (feat. the legendary Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker).

Over the summer, MILES dropped “Miss Independent,” “The Internet,” and “When You’re Sober.” He kept his collaboration with Travis Barker on the low.

The earth-shattering record fuses together pop and hip-hop, adding a taste of pop rock. MILES came in with immense energy and a game plan to release a record that listeners can relate to. In doing so, he addresses relationships, life, and dating.

Never Have I Ever was released via Elektra Records and primarily produced by Travis. 

MILES, named after jazz icon Miles Davis, was predestined to be a musician. The rapper grew up on some of the greatest musicians like Kirk Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Bill Withers, and so on. Before his breakout singles, MILES was growing his online fanbase slowly but surely while living in St. Louis. He made tracks like “#wholelottagangshit” (2018), “hearts of gold” feat. Christian French (2018), and “Stay Ready” (2019).

In 2020, MILES created “WHAT IN TARNATION,” a hip-hop track dressed in country-bumpkin drip–think “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown or Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” It has millions of streams on music streaming platforms and fell victim to the TikTok curse by going viralgood for him!

The track gained a lot of popularity on the video platform to the point where users were remixing the song. MILES reacted to one remix from a TikTok user known as Bryce Swift. Bryce omitted one of MILES’ verses and inputted his own, which the rapper claimed was the best by far.

Following the success with his debut single, the Los Angeles rapper continued the momentum by releasing “DESPERADOS” and “MOSH PIT.” In 2021, he unleashed tracks called “DIVA” and “M.I.A.”

MILES has been using his social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok, to promote the record. His over 29,000 Instagram followers include some of the biggest names in Hollywood: Jake Miller, Breland, Prince Fox, KILLBOY, and Fly By Midnight. He also showcases his flow by remixing many popular songs, and now people are doing the same with his music.

Never Have I Ever is a milestone for MILES and a huge jump start into his music career as a rapper. People clown on TikTok opening doors to many artists, but it’s because of the platform we’re able to get introduced to artists like MILES. He clearly knew how to attract his audience, what they wanted, and how to keep ahold of their attention. 

Follow MILES on all of his social media platforms to join him on his journey as he navigates through the music industry. Go listen to NEVER HAVE I EVER!

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