Miki Ratsula, a rising nonbinary artist and Finnish-American singer songwriter, has recently released “i walked a mile in my room,” a song that can only be described as Ratsula opening their heart completely, and sharing their most vulnerable self to the public.

During the months of of solutude brought from the pandemic, Ratsula saw it in themself to allow a creative instinct to flow through them. What came from this period of focused writing and self-improvement is a debut album that will be released on March 25, 2022, titled i owe it to myself. This will be the album in which “i walked a mile in my room” will reside in when the time comes, and people all around the globe have already come to anticipate the day it releases.

“I just want people to be able to feel like they can be vulnerable even if it’s just with themselves. I was scared to realize that I’m nonbinary. I was scared to admit that I wanted top surgery. But once I finally allowed myself to have those feelings, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

~ Miki Ratsula

To put it simply, “i walked a mile in my room” is a dreamy and heartfilled reminder of love. It is a message that carries the promise of improving the manners in which people will take care of themselves. The lyrics are packed with the flow of unending emotion, and the end of the chorus showcases this greatly, being the lines “beause you deserve somebody who takes care of themselves, so I promise you, darlin’, I’ll go and get some help.” It’s a true acknowledgment that mental health is not too big to be tackled, that recovery is possible for anyone who takes the first step.

Add “i walked a mile in my room” to your self-love playlists here:

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