“Up All Night,” performed by The Ramona Flowers and featuring Nile Rodgers, has recently debuted a new music video for the track. In a stunning presentation of visuals, the video shows four men operating a GT40, and taking on the role of professional racing driver. Behind each wheel, we see band members such as Steve Bird (vocals), Sam Dyson (guitar), Dave Betts (keyboards, guitar) and Ed Gallimore (drums). They have released four albums since joining forces, and even today, The Ramona Flowers strive in continuing their journey in celebrating adulthold and the oppurtunities that every experience comes with.

“The shoot itself was an absolute dream day. To spend 18 hours around those unbelievable machines was truly incredible. The GT40 has always been a favourite of mine and for the guys to bring their prized motors for us to play in was really amazing. The end result speaks for itself despite our suspect ‘acting’… We are really proud of the video and thankful to all the amazing people involved in bringing it to life. It’s definitely the best we’ve ever produced and it will be an experience none of us will ever forget.”

~ Ed Gallimore

The music video for “Up All Night,” directed by Vaughan Arnell and produced by Fred Bonham Carter, premired on November 11th and features the same adrenaline that operating a race car would cause through instrumental sounds and vocals. We look into the past and see kids playing with toy cars, indicating that this has been a dream come true for The Ramona Flowers ever since they were in their youth. Overall, the track is an up-tempo anthem featuring the combined sounds of piano, gituar, and drums, and is sure to give goosebumps for each listen that every person experiences.

Savor the hype that “Up All Night” provides by adding it to your playlists here:

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