Welcome back for Volume 2 of the Metal is Awesome series where I highlight the best things in the rock and metal genre. This article will be discussing and introducing one of the best local acts of Dallas, Texas.

Back in March of 2020, before live music went away of course, I had the privilege of photographing the Dallas tour date for the Brazilian metal band Soulfly. The interesting thing about this show was not only the main act themselves, but how they gave a decent amount of local bands an opening slot to start off the night. One of the bands, and probably the most memorable, was the Fort Worth, Texas heavy-hitters Within Chaos.

Throughout their set, I was bombarded with organ-rattling instrumentation as I photographed the band from within 2 feet of Gas Monkey Bar ‘n’ Grill’s sound system. The experience was a bit miserable (in a good way) but I hung in there with my ear plugs and camera in-hand so I could witness the beast that is Within Chaos. That’s just how Metal is done in Texas.

It is apparent that their musical inspiration draws from the more well-known maniacs of Pantera, which by the way are also from the North Texas area. I can’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing due to that fact that Within Chaos capture the same energy and passion of Pantera and evolved it into their own persona, shying away from becoming a derivative rip-off.

Seriously, if you’re crazy enough to be a Pantera fan, I highly recommend Within Chaos as a substitute.

Things that the band does well involves throat-ripping screams and vocals that are reminiscent of late 90’s metal from the south. Front man Daniel Reid truly gave his all and has that certain Texas flare that makes Texan metal the best.

These guys truly embody what is to love about getting into the local music scene. Especially in rock and metal, local musicians most of the time hit just as hard as the world-touring bands making them just as lovable. The talent is all there with the added accessibility. When at a local metal show, the only thing that matters is the music and Within Chaos gives 100% when they play their tune. I thank my metal gods that these guys are local to my area so I can be a real fan; they can give me a reason to shout out how Texas does metal best!

Their latest EP entitled Vision in Darkness is truly a test of both whether you can withstand their brutality and whether they deliver said brutality. I can positively inform you that they do deliver. Production quality rivals that of bands of high-budget and resources and equally contributes to the heaviness just as much as the bands musicianship. Like I mentioned earlier, the music has the ability to shake your insides when witnessed in person, and the studio recordings replicate that atmosphere.

Go give some locals of mine the love they deserve and boost their Spotify monthly listeners (EP linked below.) It’s a five-song banger so it won’t be too difficult to put on that ‘heavy music face.’ You’ll definitely be hearing more of my thoughts about Within Chaos very soon.

Listen to their EP here on Spotify. Support them on Instagram here.

All photos by me, more on @luckylukephotos on Instagram.

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