Mesker’s “Part of Invention” Has Everything To Prove

Courtesy of Mesker

Hailing from the U.K., Mesker’s newest export, “Part of Invention” is a visceral force of nature, with everything to prove. Much like Black Flag’s “Depression,” the single does not stop short of going a million miles an hour, evoking jitters down your spine with each listen. Paying homage to such acts as Counterparts, Vein, and Knocked Loose, here’s all you need to know about this stellar track.

First off, what makes this metalcore banger special is the pulsating drumming performed by guest contributor Alex Ramos. Indicative of the fact he can keep time at 196 bpm, the insanely fast double bass, and wicked smooth fills cause sensory overload in all the best ways. Keeping pace melodically, the guitar work of Michael Holden also deserves recognition. Strategically placed guitar notes can be heard throughout the track providing texture, while raw guitar riffs chug to the fullest and switch to impressive licks at a moment’s notice.

Regardless, captivating everything that he’s got, lead singer Ross Lilley’s vocal performance has to be the biggest highlight off the single. As guttural and he is intense, the singer appears to hold on for dear life as if he will lose control at any given second. The emotive screaming certainly boosts your adrenaline and creates more tension to the already heavy track. Metal is all about not giving a damn, and with Lilley’s delivery, you feel that’s precisely the case.

Extreme, powerful and melodic, Mesker’s “Part of Invention” is currently out now.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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