Juice Wrld passed at only the age of 21 this morning, just as his career was taking off. After celebrating his 21st birthday all week long, it is truly heartbreaking to see another young talented artist’s life end too soon.


Earlier today, Juice Wrld landed in Chicago and suffered a seizure while leaving the airport. While paramedics arrived in time to transport him to aid, unfortunately, he did not make it to the hospital. 


So many talented people, especially rappers, keep being directed into these dark roads of death and sorrow. When will it come to an end? When can we start being able to see these talented beings live long enough to take true forms of legends, turn their lives around, and keep bringing and expanding joy to the creative community? It is beyond saddening to see this pattern within the rap community and hopefully this death can bring some awakening to the community and bring people together, but how many more deaths is it going to take to really bring us all together? His music will live on, and his fans will continue to blast his music in hopes it reaches him in whatever universe he might land next. We send out peace and blessings to those in relations to Juice Wrld and to anybody who has been touched by his music.

“Rest In Peace Juice Wrld” a playlist in remembrance of Juice Wrld.

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