“Ancient Pain” by Halloween is an Etherial Banger

Photo Credits: John Mcsweden

If the “Twin Peaks Theme” had a baby with “Black Hole Sun” and that child grew up listening to Nirvana, you would get the song “Ancient Pain” by the band “Halloween.” Based in Philadelphia, the self-proclaimed “Etherial Glam-Core project” is a reincarnation of the rawness found in 90’s music combined with the jangly feel of bands such as The Cure and DIIV. Presenting a stellar studio performance with “Ancient Pain,” it would be a crime not to highlight some epic moments from this graceful and crunchy track.

This band is inspired by so many artists, but I think for this song we wanted to do the Cure meets SoundGarden. We play in a down tuning so the heavy parts are much heavier. 

Halloween on “Ancient Pain”

Starting with blissfully warbled arpeggios, straight-forward bass, and drums soon enter the mix before being interrupted by classic reverb and chorus-soaked vocals. Articulating an ethereal mood for a better quarter of the song, distorted, down-tuned guitars soon come into play, guns blazing. This contrast between sweet melodies and violent guitars genuinely brings out the best the song can offer. With each chorus containing clean and overdriven leads, the fat rhythm guitar provides brilliant accompaniment and an excellent hook stemming from the descending staccato-like riff. When meshed with the singing, the hook is a dopamine rush that will make you want to headband to the beat. Moving forward, the song continues to be a dream-pop spectacle with the chugging ability to pull at our heartstrings. While “Ancient Pain” seems to end at around 2:43 officially, the minute-long ambient, bass-synth-heavy ending provides eerie contemplation that will leave you wanting more.

Courtesy of Halloween

Texture-driven, dreamy, and highly catchy, you can listen to the entire song here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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