“Broken Glass” Is Soothing Fun

Courtesy of Health Club

Based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Health Club is a band still in its infancy, gradually trying to find themselves in the process. Combining melancholic lyrics with smooth guitar lines, the group’s music is a slow burn for listeners that will pay off over time. Now out with their delightful new single “Broken Glass,” you would be hard-pressed to leave without wanting more.

I know this feels like entertainment
Your sadness sounds like broken glass
I know you said so, but heaven knows I’ll be here waiting
If I give in would you come back?

“Broken Glass” Lyrics – Health Club

Stripped back in all the best ways, the track only contains a few guitars, a shaker, and somber vocals. Beginning with beautiful acoustic guitar at the first verse, tender vocals join the mix, singing introspective poetry. Effortlessly smooth, the lyricism pulls at your heartstrings while simultaneously putting you in a state of calm. As we enter the chorus, another acoustic comes into play, performing at every fourth note before conducting a wicked melodic solo at the 1:14 mark. By this time, harmonies and the shaker can be heard within the production, providing texture to an already rich song. Concluding with a crescendo of all the arrangements put together, this ending leaves tranquil vibes ingrained into your subconscious.

Video Credit: Health Club Official YouTube Channel

Currently, out now, you can listen to “Broken Glass” here. For more news, stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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