Whenever I come upon an artist I have listened to or never listen to before and completely just obsessively drown in their music unintentionally. You know? Those albums or songs you just have to keep on repeat for the time span of over a week with no explanation … yeah, That. With that being said, I thought I’d take the obsession up a level and write about it.

Tove lo-  “ Sunshine Kitty” 


This is actually a recent release from the queen of sexual liberation. To me, she is known for her empowering, sexual, erotic lyricism and fresh-pop sound. Personally, I’d even say she is falling among the pop icons but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. She just has a way in making you get so lost in yourself and bringing up all this confidence and sexiness that seems to sometimes get lost or overlooked in the subconscious. Tove-Lo creates passionate fun, dance music that is so exciting to get consumed in. With the constant change in weather, it’s important to find the music that will keep you balanced when the weather decides not to be and she is definitely more than fitting for doing so.

Tove Lo: https://open.spotify.com/album/5kaCqETtik8oE7M9D8wxrW?si=fQzK6o7RRh2nkR7NIllOog

Col3trane- All the albums honestly


Col3trane was one of the artists that I more recently found and immediately fell in love with. He takes a more experimental route on r&b where he more so sing/raps over non-traditional beats. His hooks are catchy and does an amazing job at alluring listeners in with his unfamiliar sound. He is another one of those artists that have music for any mood making him easily relatable and hard to get tired of. He is definitely one of the few artists whose future in the music industry I am happily anticipating due to his incredible musical ability. 

Col3trane: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4hTL3jOgvZwOqegEZTOrCc?si=fO2mnkMhRseaT7CsRSenKQ

Don Toliver- “Donny Womack”


Most have heard of Rapper/ Singer Don Toliver from his appearance on the prodigious Travis Scott album “ Astroworld” on my personal favorite song “ Can’t Say”. Hearing his incredible verse on that track had me stuck on figuring out what else this guy had up his sleeve. Even the more when I found out he had been signed to Travis Scott’s label because that meant he was REALLY on to something. Toliver is definitely propagating his own sound within the Hip-Hop community and I think that is what really caught my attention. It is so easy for so much rap to begin to sound the same so when you find someone as refreshing as Don Toliver, you hold onto it for dear life. Every time I would listen to a song over and over again I would just constantly find more and more things that made me appreciate this artist even more. 

Don Toliver: https://open.spotify.com/album/2VubyYz7rZ5Z68IJ3CjwNf?si=K0aLCxddQYWa-kkXZQq4_Q

The routine of falling into the dark hole of music is inevitable but it’s honestly one of those things you hope for. Not having to go through all your playlist to figure out what you want to listen to because “BOOM” , it’s the same thing as yesterday. This won’t be the last of my music binges so expect me to share more binge-worthy artists very soon. Comment down below any artist you think are binge-worthy, or maybe you are totally against listening to the same artist on repeat because there is just too much good music in this world for that. Either way, your opinion still matters so please share. 


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