Maisie Peters’ Partners with Ed Sheeran in Her Instant Summer Hit, “Psycho”

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West Sussex-born Maisie Peters’ new era for her upcoming album, You Signed Up For This, has officially begun, with the next release of her album, Psycho, out today. This upbeat pop tune highlights similar sonic themes to that of John Hughes Movie, released earlier this year. Psycho highlights her talent in her genre as a lyricist and the balance of her vocal strength and delicacy.  

Maisie sings with confidence and attitude while showcasing her unique vocal tones that set this track apart from any other immediate summer hit that’s been released thus far in 2021. Peters paints a clear picture of ex-romantic circumstances in which one has moved on to bigger and better things, yet still faces the other still reaches in search of attention. As dance-ready beats and instrumentals lead the way, Peters sings;

Now that I’m over that hill
You wanna say how you feel
Crazy to think that you still call me,
You wanna talk no ideal
Heard I moved on
Babe that’s real
And you got a girl but
You still call me,

Maisie Peters | “Psycho” Official Music Video

As Peters enters this new era for her music, she shares with her fans on her excitement towards what’s coming soon,

My debut album, You Signed Up For This, is coming out on the 27th August on Gingerbread Man Records . . . I can’t believe I’m saying this.

I feel like I’ve spent every day since I was 12–and picked up a terrible nylon string guitar and wrote my first song–waiting for this moment. It’s been years of train rides and bus journeys, sleeping in spare rooms and on sofas, writing and writing and writing and writing and hoping that I could make something special, important, and necessary. Mainly, hoping that I could make something that I love. And I am so happy that I really can say with my whole entire heart that I L O V E this album . . .

[Psycho] is one of three songs I wrote with Ed [Sheeran] on this album and oh my god I can’t wait for you to hear it. Oh my god . . . I can’t wait to live this era with you, so before it starts just remember: you signed up for this.

Thus far, Maisie Peters has lived up to the expectations of fans with this track and her previous releases of 2021, and we are excited to sign up for more from Peters. Be sure to check out her newest project, Psycho, and pre-save her upcoming album, You Signed Up For This.

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