it was a rainy and dark October evening in Copenhagen, not a very pleasant condition to stay outside, therefore I have decided to experience the hot atmosphere of Amager Bio with the fully packed venue and loud music coming out of the speakers. The fact that the name on the doors for this day was Machine Head was even more tempting and easily convinced me and over a thousand other metalheads to get into the heat of the venue.

The setup for the gig was very simple – Rob Flynn and company decided that since it’s a tour which should be a celebration for 25th anniversary of ‘Burn My Eyes’ album there will be no opening act just Machine Head for the whole evening. The show started quite early since the band hit the stage already at 20:30. The venue was filled totally with the fans chanting ‘Machine F*** Head’ when the band started to play first slow notes of ‘Imperium’.

As Rob Flynn admitted before the end of the first part – the crowd was a bit hard to manage and quite demanding – it took quite some time for the band to convince fans to go crazy and only first notes of ‘Locust’ finally melted down the distance between band and fans. Worthy of mention at this point is that the role of the guitarist was filled in by Vogg (Decapitated guitarist), for whom this was the third performance with Machine Head and to be honest he did very well. The first part of the concert called in the official statement ‘modern classics’ was closed with ‘Halo’ after which the band left the stage for a short break.

Ten minutes later the band was back on stage with a small adjustment in the lineup – ‘Burn My Eyes’ part of the gig featured original band members – Chris Kontos and Logan Mader – to play the first Machine Head album together with Rob in its entirety. The band didn’t change the songs order too much what was a proper way to pay tribute to the album. Since I am writing about tributes – Danish fans get some special treatment from the band. To celebrate the Danish audience Machine Head played ‘Evil’ from the legendary Mercyful Fate just before the show was closed with their own ‘Block’. That was a surprise as the setlist on this tour is quite tight. My guess is that Rob and company really liked how Copenhagen welcomed them that night. After over three hours of heavy sounds, they wrapped the night with Rob saying goodbye to Amager Bio with a huge inflated hammer which he grabbed from one of the fans.

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Kasper Pasinski


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