After the release of his full-length album last fall, Machine Gun Kelly has collaborated with Corpse Husband or CORPSE for his first single of 2021. Within the first day, “DAYWALKER!” hit number one on the iTunes alternative charts, and since its release, the song has also received over 6 million streams and has become number one in the top 10 US Song Debuts on Spotify.

CORPSE rose to fame this past year after his appearances with the most popular gamers of the decade—beginning with the online multiplayer game, Among Us. Shortly after the release of his first song in 2020, his music gained traction, and he has been reinforced by one of the most supportive fanbases ever since. With “E-Girl’s Are Ruining My Life” reaching over 100 million streams on Spotify and the faceless-streamer hinting towards new music in the works, it is no surprise to hear that he is beginning to collaborate with prominent artists like Kelly.

“DAYWALKER!” delivered an “aggressively melodic hook,” according to Corpse Husband, and heavy bass is an anthem of repressed aggression.  The combative lyrics, CORPSE’s raw and powerful screams, and a chorus filled with the two artists’ repeated shouting of “Fight” will cause moshing fans to highly anticipate this song at future concerts. As with many of CORPSE’s projects, the piece also suitably fits into one of his more famous tweets, saying, “I will incite chaos.”

Machine Gun Kelly starts with this striking verse, setting his tone of bellicosity for the song,

Punch that motherf***er in the face

You hated what he said, right?

Beat his ass, leave him at the stoplight

I know you wanted change, but nobody’s around

So, kick him again while he’s on the ground . . .

As a fan of Kelly’s, CORPSE notes in a Livestream that the experience of working with him was a surreal and emotional one. As he hints towards a more profound and darker meaning within the verse that he wrote, he describes it as “a f***ing evil song.” CORPSE shares, “It’s been a big project, that’s for sure. I literally cried when I sent in my verse. Like, actually. There’s a lot of things behind the scenes about this song that I want to tell you guys after it’s out. I can’t talk about it now, but there’s quite a story to it.”

As of yet, the verse stands as a strong contribution to the overall delivery,

They tried to kill me in the rain

Tried to lay me down and so I ducked and ran away

Put a gun up to my face, so I’ll fucking catch a case

When I find this motherf***er and I’ll lay him in his grave

All these f***ing razorblades . . .

With the music video release taking place, 03.18.2020, fans wait in anticipation for the approach that Machine Gun Kelly would take, seeing his collaborating artist wishes to remain off-camera and faceless to the public. To much surprise, Kelly reached out to another streamer and friend of CORPSE’s to carry his vision for the video.

Be sure to check out the new song and music video for “DAYWALKER!”, available now on all platforms.

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