Loyk Delivers a Deeply Personal and Emotional Song with “1999”

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22-year-old Loyk (Björn Loykens) started his musical career following a renowned dance career in Belgium. After meeting producer Jazz Maeson, Loyk has been sojourning in this new creative space for the past few years. Filled with rhythm and composed of wavey sounds, Loyk’s music explores the edges of R&B and cloud rap, all while still making you want to dance. His music is the perfect vehicle to spread his message and express his personal feelings. Signed to Anders Media, he has been ready to share his music for the world.

Loyk delivers a deeply personal and emotional message with his newest single, “1999.” It’s a very personal story about his mom. He reflects,

For years, I have had the feeling that I no longer have control over my relationship with her. I love her and she loves me, but too much has happened between us. Because of this, I ended up in a kind of cycle, in which I do not allow love for and from her.

The complex emotions revealed in the song are reflected by the somber piano backing track. The slow tempo eases listeners into the heavy lyrics, released in an emotive tone that portrays the complicated feelings. Relationships with parents can absolutely be difficult and that’s explored through these lyrics. Loyk switches between bittersweet and breathy vocals as he alternates between the sung hook and rapped verse. He reveals the difficulty he has faced in making a decision to cut off the relationship, knowing that it was better that way, but also knowing that there’s still a lot of love there. The song is a quick listen, but it explores a lot and showcases the signature R&B and cloud rap fusion that Loyk utilizes to express his emotions.

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