Janelle Loes Releases Emotive “Should I Know” Along with Sophomore Album

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Award-winning singer/songwriter Janelle Loes knows how to spin a song and mesmerize an audience. Her distinctive style fuses elements of jazz, pop, and contemporary music, while her sultry melodic voice and narrative style speak to the heart. Poetic, bold, and convincing, her songs seek definition from life as they carve their own path, make their own rules, and delve deep to carefully unearth the light in dark times. An accomplished finger-style guitarist, pianist, and vocalist, Janelle captivates audiences with her rich versatility, evocative sound, and charming presence.

Her sophomore album Stranger was released earlier this month, bringing together elements of pop, alt-rock, folk and Americana to create a unique musical landscape for the listener. Memorable and thought-provoking, Janelle’s songs deconstruct heartbreak and unveil cathartic self-discoveries, sharing wistful and tenderhearted confessionals alongside empowering anthems with messages of resilience. Her songwriting speaks to the listener with the earnestness of a close confidante, and her pure delivery invites you into her most personal moments and reflections.  With a velvety voice reminiscent of Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones, Janelle delivers lyrics that gleam with emotional depth and heartfelt honesty. 

“Should I Know” is a gorgeous showcase of Janelle’s talents that are evident throughout the entire 10-track work. A slow piano melody backs a harmonious collection of sweet vocals. The tempo ebbs and flows beneath the emotive lyrics, reflecting the push-and-pull of the musings – trying to figure out your expectations for where you should be and what you should know. An enchanting chorus kicks in with higher vocals and a full band experience. Orchestral swells layer with the lyrics to gradually build the song. Produced by Sean Cooney and Grammy-nominated Andy Thompson, this single strikes a glorious balance between chamber pop production and ethereal vocal harmonies.

You can listen to the entire Stranger album today to experience more of Janelle’s beautiful vocal work!

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