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Louis The Child Release Sensational New Album: Here For Now

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The time has now come for EDM-POP duo, Louis The Child for dropping their first studio album, Here For Now. The two young boys from Chicago are now one of the best and most listen to artists today. They have came such a long way with music and playing some of the biggest festivals. The album has 14 tracks which was worth the wait for the duo to release. Louis The Child delivers such a positive, energetic, uplifting, and groovy album. In the times we are having right now this album couldn’t have came soon enough, yet the boys still try to always shine some positivity. The album was suppose to debut earlier this month, but for support of Black Lives Matter they pushed it back. Freddy Kennett and Robby Hauldren have always used their platform to show equality. The boys showed so much respect and care to the fans for this move of their album release.

Louis The Child released some singles with the artist on this album before it released to give us a taste of what they were bringing to the world. This album has so much passion in it you can tell in every lyrics and beat in these tracks. The tracks included features from; EARTHGANG, Vera Blue, Drew Love, Foster the People, K. Flay. The intro to the album is “Scooter’s Debut (Intro),” which gives listeners insight to what music they’re fixing to hear with birds chirping and kids laughing. “Big Love” with EARTHGANG and “We Are Here For Now” both channel how important it is to live the life we have and enjoy every second of it. This album gives more than beats, but also gives a bigger message. Louis The Child has shown we have the power to change the problems we did not create, and to love everyone along the way of the changes we can make.

This duo has crafted the layer of rainbows through the experimental and psychedelic sounds on this album. Fans all round the world have been eager to here this album for so long, because the duo continued to tease with dropping singles and music videos along with them. Over the past couple of months LTC has worked so hard to perfect their first full-length album and it was worth the wait. The album has a song called, “Nobody Like You” with Vera Blue is such a masterpiece full of so much energetic vibes you cannot sit down. LTC has indie, jazz, and electronic slides in their album that really show they can do all different genres succeed at them like it’s nothing. These boys are so young, driven, and enthusiastic which they show through their music and way of life. One of the many favorites on this is, “La La La (Everything’s Okay) and “Fade Away have that bop-beat everyone is looking for. Those two songs have an amazing electronic sound, good transitions, and a groovy drop to them.

Louis The Child  have given us a full-length album that we appreciate more now than ever. This album is only beginning to what this duo will bring to us now and in the future. The boys had to reschedule their Here For Now Tour to summer of 2021 due to the pandemic COVID-19 while we are sad due to the events they care about us and their team members health as well as performing. In the mist of all that is going on this year Louis The Child has delivered us their new debut album to shine some light in our lives and for you to spread that light.

For more information on their tour, merchandise, and streaming platforms for Louis The Child album please go to, Here For Now.

Anna Stephens Editor
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Anna Stephens Editor
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