Listen to “Agrypnia”, the First Single of Leah Rye’s Upcoming EP

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Leah Rye is a singer/songwriter in Amsterdam who invites her listeners into her world, filled with melancholy and mystery, to dream with her. She combines dark sounds with gentle grooves and the shadow of her voice to transport her listeners into another dimension. Her upcoming EP, Elusive, will be released in 2021 and she has given us a taste of what is to come with her first single from the EP, titled “Agrypnia.”

Agrypnia is a medical condition of severely reduced or absent sleep due to organic disorders and in later uses, essentially means insomnia.

Over a blissful piano melody, Leah holds nothing back in starting the song off on a strong note. She plays with the idea of insomnia throughout the song, injecting phrases of restlessness and unease into her lyrics. As she moves into the chorus, she begins to introduce light electronic elements to create waves of contrast. The balance of the song shifts from a simple soothing tune to one that is more tumultuous between the verses and the chorus.

The instrumental production for this song is phenomenal. The piano is soothing, but some of the electronic elements add a scratchier dimension to the song while others round back to a more soothing sense. The planes of the instrumental production rise and fall, which very nicely complement the crescendos in Leah’s vocals, which are really the star element of this song. Her voice oscillates between gentle and forceful, tying perfectly to the instrumentals.

You can stream the song today and listen to it below.

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