“Crime Scene,” the single from London-based singer Lisey Tigra, is, in the words of the artist, “essentially about the search for truths within us and others that are sometimes hard to confront but must be brought to light.” This is most apparent in the production from Brett Shaw. Shaw’s previous credits include Florence + The Machine and Foals, and it shows. Lisey Tigra’s sound is a perfect synthesis of these two artists. With the vocals of Florence Welch and the sonic palette of Foals, she and Shaw create what has been referred to as “dark electro-pop.”

“Crime Scene” sounds like it could absolutely fit on the “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost” duology that Foals put out in 2019. The subdued guitars, the lower melody, the use of a drum machine instead of a studio drummer, and the occasional piano influx are all staples of Brett Shaw’s production style. Does it work for Lisey Tigra, though?

Absolutely. This production and this sound, when coupled with the lyrics about a floundering relationship with a potentially abusive partner, create something that will absolutely kill on pop radio. It’s the right amount of dark without being overtly sad, and it provides a sense of safety within the very unease it creates. The themes are further explored in the music video, which has some incredibly lighting. 

There’s plenty to love about Lisey Tigra’s “Crime Scene.” Be sure to listen to it and find out for yourself!

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