Singer-songwriter, Madison Perrott, makes her debut into the music world today, June 18th, with her first ever single titled, “The Fixer.” 

Perrott spent her childhood in the temperate climate of Connecticut, filling her days in writing and recording music. When she turned eighteen, she made the journey to Nashville to pursue a career in the music industry. While she’s used the experience and skills she gained in the workforce, she also established her position as an artist while taking the time to hone in on a style and sound that was truly and fully her own.

While she makes her debut as a musician today, she is no stranger to the world of entertainment– as she is frequently featured in content shared by her family, who you may know from TikTok as “The D’Amelios.” While the family will be making an appearance on beloved American sitcom, Family Feud, Madison will be featured as the fifth member of the family. In addition, Madison has amassed quite the following on TikTok herself– nearly a quarter of a million followers and over a million likes. With her platform, she has earned widespread support on content promoting her artistry, personality, and lifestyle.

Produced by her close friend Harris Owens, “The Fixer” has a steady power building from her vocals and personal lyrics. The track offers both a personal raw take toward her journey in prioritizing goals and self-introspection in pursuit of happiness and success. It’s evident that her personality is driven through family and caring for others, and at the same time, in this track, she allowed herself the room to breathe to showcase her identity out on a platter for all to see. “The Fixer” creates an encouraging and empowering message while sharing a time capsule of her journey through finding happiness. Sometimes, to be able to help other people, you first need to make sure you’re doing okay yourself.

Photo credit: Heidi D’Amelio

We had the chance to chat with her about the single and how the last year has impacted her message. Here is what she had to say:

“Quarantine forced me to come back to my music in a very raw way,” she commented. “The isolation provided me the opportunity to slow down and process emotions that had been bottled up for a long time. I dove deeper into myself than ever before, and the music I’ve written in the past year is a direct reflection of that experience.”

The likes of Stevie Nicks clearly drove her sound. Admittedly a large influence in her artistry, Perrott’s soaring vocals shine on their own while the acoustic guitar harmonizes with her heartfelt message as she claws her way to freedom from her inner demons throughout the single. 

“The Fixer” opens up about the battle scars formed in reaching out to others at the expense of oneself. Battered and worn out, this track processes through Madison’s journey in prioritizing healing and taking care of herself, rather than continuing to endure the wear and tear of reaching out to others to help them first. “It came from a moment of realization for me, at 23 years-old, that I had spent so much of my life and my energy trying to fix other people…I just had my own personal therapy moment and said, ‘You know what? I’m so done trying to piece everyone else’s life together when I can’t even help myself.’”

Madison’s message not only shares this time in her life that significantly shifted her perspective, but is being brought out into the world to inspire anyone who considers themselves as “the one who is always there for everyone.” It was written to empower these people to regain broken boundaries, and to prioritize taking care of themselves, too. 

This song is about releasing the weight of everyone else’s pain. It’s about self-love, boundaries, and the journey back to yourself. I’ve spent most of my life playing the role of the fixer. And though it feels gratifying to help the ones you love, it can become an exhausting cycle of always giving and never receiving. I’ve come to learn that boundaries are a beautiful thing and the more you heal yourself, the better you can support others.

~ Madison Perrott

Madison Perrott will be releasing more music soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Listen to the new single, available now on all streaming platforms here.

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