“Lineage” By Poptones Is Noisy Excellence

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Taking inspiration from avant-garde progressive bands such as Black Country, New Road, the single “Lineage” by Copenhagen-based alternative rock band Poptones beautifully conveys the noisy and experimental attitude of Swans as well as the art punk of Crack Cloud. Full of unique ideas that progress without fault, the tightly wound performance showcased on the track demonstrates the organic understanding singer and bassist Mads Bertelsen, guitarist Simon Hiemstra Christoffersen and drummer Anders Dahl Poulsen have for one another. With a masterful production captained by producer Jens Ramon and wonderful abstract lyrics coined by frontman Mads Bertelsen, the song has the aesthetic and substance to be praised amongst singles made by the group’s contemporaries.

Photo Credits: Anders Bordinggaard

The original idea for the song consisted of a guitar chord progression, that our guitarist, Simon, brought into the rehearsal room. Back then, in the lockdown times of Covid-19, our rehearsal room was in an underground bunker in the middle of Copenhagen. We worked collectively on how we could use the chords and what vibe the song should have. Our drummer, Anders, made the beat and our bassist/frontsinger, Mads, came up with the bass role.

Poptones on “Lineage”

With Black Midi being cited as a significant influence by Poptones, it’s no wonder the first verse is reminiscent of Black Midi’s song, “Diamond Stuff.” Full of blissful guitar arpeggios, rich bass, smooth beats, and modulated whisper-like vocals, the atmosphere off the track reveals itself as very dissonant and uneasy. This uneasiness further becomes elaborated once the overdriven guitars appear with diminished, almost evil chords at the bridge. Without warning, the second verse brings you back to limbo as if nothing happened before the lead fuzzy and clean guitar victoriously commands the mix’s space. Moving right along, the sophisticated ending presents the addition of 80’s synth (that never seems corny) and double-tracked vocals, which gives the already fantastic track that extra layer of harmony. With a college of noise playing out, you are left with a moment of introspective and wholly awesome reflection.

Returning to feel alive

People start seeking war, anything can happen now 

Pain will tear me apart, anything can happen now

This is where I came from, anything could happen now 

“Lineage” Lyrics by Mads Bertelsen

Photo Credits: Simone Holbo

Currently, out now, you can listen to “Lineage” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glass Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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