“Eternal Atake (Deluxe)” dropped last week, providing more proof that 2020 is a pretty weird time to be a Lil Uzi Vert fan. The storyline of his career since 2017 has been one with seemingly endless ups and downs, all culminating in the release of the much-hyped “Eternal Atake” last week. For many fans who had been waiting years since Uzi himself previewed the album on his Instagram, it was a bittersweet moment. The eternal wait finally ending with the release of an all-new 18-song concept album was exciting, but it lacked any of the snippets that fans had been looking forward to.


And it is these snippets that defined the story of “Eternal Atake.” While casual rap fans grappled with odd stories of Uzi retiring amongst one-off song drops like last year’s “Free Uzi,” the hardcore fanbase covertly collected low-quality snippets and leaks of tracks. Songs like the fan-dubbed “Rollie” (also known as “Count Up” or “Kobe Rollie,” among other names) and “Come This Way” garnered legendary status. For some, an “Eternal Atake” without any of these tracks felt almost like a betrayal.

As if responding to this, Uzi delivered. The so-called “deluxe” version of “Eternal Atake” is, essentially, a completely new record tacked onto the beginning of the original. It is also called “LUV vs. The World 2,” a reference to Uzi’s beloved 2016 mixtape. Hiding in the tracklist are long sought-after fan faves like “Rollie” (here, renamed “Bean (Kobe)”) and “Moon Relate.” Mixed in with them are other tracks like a-list features, ranging from Future to Young Thug to Lil Durk. 


Ultimately, it’s a much breezier experience than “Eternal Atake,” but it feels like fan service for those that have dedicated so many hours to the rapper’s relatively odd career. Hardly anyone would have predicted Uzi’s three-year silence to end with two albums in the span of seven days, but here we are. Anyone interested in hearing the conclusion to the story can listen to “Eternal Atake (Deluxe)” on all streaming services now. 


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Ben Mangelsdorf Contributor
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Ben Mangelsdorf Contributor
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