“Let Our Dreams Down” is an Indie-Rock Song Created with AI Technology by AUDOIR

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Alright everyone, we are officially in the future of the music industry. I came across the song I’ll be reviewing in this post and saw that it was written with AI technology. I know AI (artificial intelligence) is a pretty general phrase and that there are more subsets to it – machine learning and deep learning. AI technology can be found in day-to-day life a lot more than one might commonly think, but the fact that songs are now being written using it…just mind-blowing to me, honestly. Maybe I’m behind on the trends, but this was definitely something new to me, so without further ado, let’s get into the song.

AUDOIR is an AI music technology company, with a focus on enhancing the creativity of artists, and giving artists a faster way to create better music. All the featured music is written with SAM, which is AUDOIR’s suite of AI-powered music creation tools. To demonstrate the viability of the technology, AUDOIR is currently producing music written by AI. They currently have five songs spanning over different genres in their suite.

“Let Our Dreams Down” is the first indie-rock song of their suite and, of course, one of the first indie-rock songs written with AI. SAM is trained using thousands of chart-topping hits and then can develop new melodic, harmonic, and lyrical content. AUDOIR’s team then reviews the raw output to manually edit it, with hopes of automating that editing process in the future as well. You can learn more about the making of this song from this video.

The final product is a piano and guitar-driven melody slow jam that evokes memories of starlit nights in the middle of nowhere. The gentle instrumental supports tender vocals that relay the message that we can let go of our dreams once we outgrow them. A swelling chorus is accompanied by drum beats, whistling, and an overall crescendo. The tone remains pleasantly reminiscent – while there may be a sadness to letting our old dreams go, there is also happiness in knowing what is to come now that we have achieved those dreams.

This is an interesting process for creating new music and so far, the products sound wonderful. It will be intriguing to continue with AUDOIR’s journey and witness what is to come.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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