It’s Far From “Game Over” for Laurel Smith… She’s Just Getting Started

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Laurel Smith delivers simultaneously sulky and sultry vocals in her edgy dark-pop tune ‘Game Over.’ For fans of other leading females in this genre such as Charli XCX and Lana Del Rey, Laurel Smith should be on your radar! This London-raised singer-songwriter and performer combines elements of moody pop, electronic sounds and hip-hop beats to create her sound that could even satisfy fans of Trippie Redd or The Weeknd. Laurel Smith’s music could reach a very wide audience!

“Game Over” is accompanied by an equally dark and atmospheric music video capturing the feelings depicted in the lyrics of being stuck in a video game, being regenerated every time you die just to find yourself back at the same place you started. Both the song and the video have a very cool, pop-art type feel, and the song is catchy as hell and quite a statement for entering into the music scene.

You can stream “Game Over” on our Nü Qü playlist this week; I’ll be queueing it “again and again and again and again…”

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