Large and in charge! Kali Uchis releases single “Aquí Yo Mando” ft. Rico Nasty

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On August 7th, Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis released yet another genre-bending single titled “Aquí Yo Mando”, with a feature by DMV rapper Rico Nasty. 

“Aquí Yo Mando” is a bilingual song mostly sung in Spanish featuring a heavier trap-inspired beat that combines Kali’s sensual and sultry with Rico Nasty’s brash and vibrant. This is Rico Nasty’s first feature on a single in 2020, and Kali Uchis choosing to feature an artist with a style so different then her own on a bilingual track just makes it even more badass. 

The song lyric that made the title “mando, aquí yo mando” translates directly to “I command, here I command”, or more loosely to “I’m in charge here”, setting the tone for the rest of the song that carries this large and in charge attitude. Kali Uchis demands authority with her commanding lyricism in lines such as this one: translating to “if you’re with me you do everything I say, if you’re with me, I call the shots”. 

Rico Nasty’s verse is unsurprisingly dynamic, delivering that same energy she has applied historically to her own music. Rico’s unruliness shines through in her verse whether she’s speaking English or dabbling in Spanish, following closely behind Kali’s sovereign spirit. She too reminds us just who we are dealing with in lyrics such as “I would never play about me, do what I want, I don’t need a thing”, and “I handle business, I’m bossy, yo quiero diamonds, I’m flossy”.

Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty both have this attractive individuality that remains unique to their distinct styles, and when combined for the creation of “Aquí Yo Mando”, they mesh into something vivifying and thrilling to listen to.  

Ana Leonard Editor
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Ana Leonard Editor
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