L E A Beautifully Exposes Vulnerability in “Let Me Go”

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Los Angeles based singer and songwriter, L E A, is known for her catchy pop and rock melodies. Her songs capture an atmosphere filled with crashing waves and city nightlife. Branded by bright, vibrant colors, a blazer with matching shades, and the sound of a choir somewhere in the hook, it’s no wonder her astrological sign is a Leo.

Her dynamic and passionate personality is exemplified by her latest single, “Let Me Go,” which also reveals a deeply vulnerable and emotional side of her life, while remaining honest and steadfast.

L E A holds nothing back in this vulnerable, heart-wrenching ballad, exposing how deep-rooted emotional and verbal abuse really is. The song starts with a melancholic and fragile piano melody, mixed underneath a chilling voice recording. As L E A begins to sing, there is a heartbreaking sadness behind her strong vocals. She covers feelings of being trapped, feeling worthless, and verging on suicide all within her first verse. And as she continues her honest recount of moments playing out, she manages to maintain her strength.

Throughout the song, she continues to reveal her struggles to cope with the trauma, yet she also tries to understand both sides, so she can put this to rest. The pace of the instrumental picks up and a percussive element is introduced over the piano as she asks to hear the other person’s side of the story and get to know why their relationship got to where it was. Even though things still aren’t okay and despite all of her hurt, she maintains trying not to cast a negative light on the other person. But she does realize that she deserves someone who really loves her and that she needs to let go and be let go.

I truly commend L E A for discussing such a heavy topic in such a painstakingly beautiful manner and for having the courage to walk away from an abusive situation. Emotional and verbal abuse is still abuse. Walking away can be hard. Overcoming trauma, especially from someone who loved you and who you loved, is a difficult process. Healing takes time, something L E A acknowledges in the song. But the strength that you find through that process is strength that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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