Love Wins in Anine Stang’s Latest Single, “WE GOT THE LOVE”

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2020 has been brutal. We are in the midst of a global pandemic. We have witnessed political unrest, war, hatred, and oppression all across the world. We have struggled to stay connected and present. While it’s easy to focus on the negatives, because there sure were a lot in 2020, Anine Stang takes a stance to remind us that love will always win over hatred and fear in the end.

Anine studied songwriting at the acclaimed songwriters academy “Musikmakarna” in Sweden. She entered the Norwegian pop industry in 2010, and has since had great success with her singles in high rotation on several major Norwegian radio channels and has appeared in several well-known TV programs. She also lead her own choir in “The Battle of the Choirs” on TV2.

In recent years, she has lived and written new music in Stockholm and Los Angeles. These days, she is back in Norway and is expanding her music career as a DJ as well. Her recent music has been released through a collaboration with her fans, in an attempt to revolutionize the music industry. The first single off her upcoming EP, “Rendezvous”, was the first single where her fans could invest in the song, and then get a share of the song in return. The campaign was fully funded in a few hours.

Fans were also invited to invest in her latest single, “WE GOT THE LOVE”, which is the second single off her upcoming EP. The investment concept is a result of COVID-19, one of the many heavy events to hit the world this year. Anine was contacted by Swedish music and tech company,, with the idea as a means to support artists within the struggling music industry.

“WE GOT THE LOVE” is Anine’s triumphant response to this year’s events.

The steadfast instrumental is made of electronic elements, guitar strums, and drum beats. It steadily swells underneath Anine’s secure vocals about the strength of love. Throughout the song, Anine acknowledges how difficult it can be to move forward, especially when it feels like the weight of the world is on us. However, she brings her message back to an uplifting, positive chorus. She sings that love is stronger than an army and that nothing can beat us even though we may be dreamers.

As you listen to “WE GOT THE LOVE”, reflect on your 2020 and consider remembering the moments that brought you joy and happiness. In keeping with Anine’s message, we have the power to spread positivity, even in the darkest of times.

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