Los Angeles-based producer Kito has released her new rejuvenating EP BLOSSOM, via Astralwerks. The EP is made up of seven tracks, each blending into the next with the circulating evolution of love and loss. It’s a constant swirl of emotions, but the unifier is Kito’s ability to hold onto the light and never lose the vibe. It’s soft dance music that is deeply intimate and visceral. Something you can ease into and lose yourself to. The Australian-native has arranged an EP filled with various collaborators, individualizing each element of the discography bouquet. 

The album was a beautiful byproduct to come out of the pandemic as Kito spent much of her time outdoors, trying to find some steady grounding in such an uncertain time. On coming up with the name of the EP Kito says,

“The word ‘blossom’ just kept coming back to me. It feels like the most female-energy music I’ve done. My goal as a producer is to keep working with amazing artists and push myself. I want to grow.”

BLOSSOM starts with the track “Always Been You,” where Kito introduces herself all on her own as it’s the only song without a feature. The vibrating track is paired with a dazey video of an LA highway. The frame pushes and pulls as the cars go forward before being rewinded back. The visual is a symbolic pairing as Kito belts “I’m finally realizing/After all we’ve been through/I guess it’s always been you.” Sometimes you have to go backwards and look to the past to realize what you want to move forward. 

“Skin and Bones” featuring Winona Oak is a track that sweeps deep beneath the skin. Oak’s dreamy vocals establish a sense of yearning and Kito’s production keeps the tempo and fluid movement. The lyrics “Everywhere I go, I think of you,” recycle throughout the track, always going back to that longing. It’s down-to-earth and honest expressing vulnerability in a way that is powerfully sensitive.  

Both “Locked on You” featuring BROODs and “Steal My Clothes” featuring BEA MILLER are the two tracks that take it down a notch as they express the pains of a toxic, lost love. “Steal My Clothes” has a more aggressive energy as Bea asserts all the vapidness of a relationship. The beat is equally assertive, synchronously hitting with each declaration. “Locked on You” starts with the vulnerable softness of the piano. BROODS ‘ raw vocals are deep with emotion as the song expresses the whirlwind of love, yet the bass maintains a steady vibrancy. The beat drops and you get locked into it as it continues to lift you back up. 

Kito’s new single “Tongue Tied” featuring the pop duo Terror J is perhaps the most childlike and quirky track off the EP. The synths creates a dreamscape; capturing the undeniably good, antsy energy of having a crush. The visualizer has the pair in a parked car. We watch the sweet intimacy of them just talking and laughing. It’s interspersed with the singing of “Tongue-Tied, caught me on your line.” The swirling beats are airy and light, truly capturing the peaceful euphoria of being on cloud nine. 

BLOSSOM ends with “Follow” featuring ZHU and Jeremih. It’s a hopeful ending, as there is a refined endearment to the floaty and catchy production. Just like every other track, it brings a light energy that is undeniably perfect for dancing. It’s a feel good release. BLOSSOM is certainly an EP meant for new beginnings. It’s uplifting and upbeat. It doesn’t hide the pain and the loss, but it is a celebration of all the new and exciting possibilities that can come from it. Evocative and physically moving, Kito has created an EP that encourages camaraderie and unity. Listen to BLOSSOM and let Kito whisk you off to a new realm with her soothingly optimistic sound.

Jessie Carlson Subscriber
Jessie is currently a student at Stephens College getting her MFA in Screen and Tv Writing. Working full time, going to school and managing a small business music is truly the only thing that keeps her sane.
Jessie Carlson Subscriber
Jessie is currently a student at Stephens College getting her MFA in Screen and Tv Writing. Working full time, going to school and managing a small business music is truly the only thing that keeps her sane.

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    […] Flaunt published an article about Kito’s artistic-genius earlier this year, stating, “Kito is a whole vibe, and it shines through in her music…from her romantic lyrics to her uptempo production to her catchy hooks, Kito knows a thing or two about hit records.” That she does, as Kito also earned her first Gold record for “Bitter” with FLETCHER in 2020, with over 200 million combined global streams. Some of the Australian record-producer’s most recent collaborations include features from BROODS, Bea Miller, VanJess and Channel Tres, and ZHU and Jeremih on her latest EP, Blossom. […]

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