Songs that capture the zeitgeist of what it means to be young in society have always been popular, and they aren’t in danger of going out of style anytime soon. The musical sound may change with each new generation, but the sentiments still feel as fresh as ever — especially when delivered by such a bright up-and-coming star as Kailee Morgue. In her new single and music video, “Loser,” Morgue dives into what exactly the word means to her, and why it’s absolutely fine to not only accept the moniker, but also wear it proudly.

Back in days of old, being deemed a “loser” was one of the worst insults thrown around on the playground or at the lockers. Now, it’s used much less ubiquitously, though it can still sting when directed at someone by an authority figure — as described by Morgue in her inspiration for the song:

‘Loser’ was inspired by my dad calling all my boyfriends in high-school losers and lowlifes. It used to feel like the worst insult coming from him and I was so scared of doing nothing with my life or failing at music. I wrote this song as kind of a well f*ck it, I’m a loser then.

“Loser” may have been written by a 23-year-old, but Morgue harkens back to several genres with her energetic single. There’s hints of the riot grrrrl movement, a bit of Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette in the instrumentation, a callback to Melanie Martinez’s distinctive vocals during the verses — and a punk mentality that one can trace from the 70’s through the early 00’s, even to now with some of Olivia Rodrigo’s work. The song is short, but packs in so much about how Morgue is just going to accept herself as is, especially with lyrics that directly link to her own rise to stardom: “They say know your place / Like I’m too good for that / They threw me on a stage / And I told everyone I’m sad / I should be somewhere / Fighting for the peace / But I’m such a fucking loser / All my words are too damn cheap.”

The music video is similarly rebellious in a subtle way. Morgue is the only one who appears in the mini-film, which sees her driving solo through a suburban neighborhood before screaming the chorus out of the car window. Viewers follow her to a dressing room where she lazily applies makeup, singing to the mirror and then to camera. Finally, she dresses in the prototypical Gen-Z get-up of colorful baggy pants and a simple plain white T-shirt and taking to the stage to sing. The final shots follow Morgue as she gets up from laying down on the stage and exits to a blank room to stare into the camera — alone, but confident at her place in the world.

It’s not surprising that Morgue has amassed over 150 million cross-platform streams in her relatively short career, considering how much of a nerve her raw songs touch. With “Loser,” Morgue just continues her streak of relatable and honest tracks, delivered in a bangin’ way. Stay tuned for more news from this up-and-coming artist soon, but for now, listen to Kailee Morgue’s “Loser,” and watch the music video below!

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