K.Flay is a girl with a lot of talent and plenty of energy. Her music is a mixture of indie pop and alternative hip hop. I was never a big fan of her but one of my friends convinced me, strongly suggesting that I should get out and catch a show live (thanks Derek) – so I did.

It was a cold and wet November evening when I have arrived at Hotel Cecil – a small and cozy venue in the center of Copenhagen half an hour before the show started. The club was almost completely filled already that was a good sign. Firstly after grabbing a quick beer from the bar, I have moved to get a place closer to the stage in order to see Your Smith (formerly Caroline Smith) who was opening the evening on stage. She had a little table full of electronics which was all she needed to start the party. ‘I am Your Smith, not My Smith’ she said and moved the audience together with her music. Her performance was very energetic and full of positive energy. Your Smith generally seemed like a very positive person and was smiling throughout the majority of the performance.

The main part of the gig started shortly after stage preparations were completed – drum on the left, keyboard and the guitar stand on the right and a bunch of strobe lights in the back. K. Flay arrived on stage wearing white jeans and a white t-shirt with a black eye. I would later find out that she had a minor accident a few days before ending up with a broken nose. She has asked fans through social media to headbang for her as her doctor forbid her to do it in the current state.

Well… she didn’t take the doctor’s recommendations seriously as she was kicking and jumping all over the place. It was hard to see her in one spot for more then a second as she was already moving into the next spot on stage entertaining the audience.

She interacted with the fans on every possible occasion singing her lines directly in the faces of the fans in the front rows and encouraging them to join the crazy party. Fans paid back expressing their joy and dancing into the music presented by K. Flay. When the show was finished the party moved to the bar where music was played by local artists which was a bonus served to the fans by Hotel Cecil. I need to admit that my friend was right – K.Flay live is definitely fun to watch and listen.


  • Kasper Pasinski
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