JPson Advocates for Individual Action to Affect Change in “black and blue”

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Inspired by Netflix‘s documentary Kiss The Ground, which shines the light on regenerative farming and global cooling and how we can all do our part in combating climate change, trans-continental singer/songwriter and musician JPson wrote “black and blue” to advocate for individual action. With the help of “Stream by Stream,” the artist is also donating all royalties generated from the single’s streaming income to planting trees around the world.

Shaped by the two oceans on the shores of South Africa, JPson has ridden the wave of life to Europe and defined a musical style that can best be described as “Fresh Folk” – music that lets you open up to the groove of the moment, whilst forgetting the troubles of daily life. Through his lyrics, he shares the essence of life that drives him around the world and the lessons he has learned while traveling. Not only is his music incredibly uplifting but his rhythms and beats also help listeners into a festive and unifying spirit, bound to inspire reflection and connection.

Having taught himself guitar on the beaches of Cape Town, JPson spent his youth surfing the Atlantic Ocean and exploring its vast musical territory, yielding his very own sunbaked infusion of folk and roots music. He left South Africa right after school to discover his European roots, inherited from his Swiss father. What started as a 10-month joy trip away from home turned into a 10-year journey, which JPson refers to as his university of life. Through his travels, he has gathered warmth and support from the music he listens to and finds guidance in what he creates. He has learned to open up, be happy, and live life to the fullest as it is a wonderful gift that should be cherished with every breath.

A listen through his discography, listeners don’t have to dig far to find the worldly and lively influences that have shaped JPson’s peaceful lyrics and melodies. With 3 EPs and an array of singles throughout his career, JPson has reached listeners all over the world with his unique sound and calming messages.

His newest single, “black and blue,” fits well into the persona he’s created for himself – a groovy melody, filled with pleasant instrumentals, and a poignant message delivered with peaceful tones form the essence of the track. Listeners can easily find themselves lost in the swirling tranquility that breezes from the production. It almost feels like you’re being pulled into an island getaway, but then you’re reminded of the reality you’re grounded in by the lyrics. The message recalls the black and blue of the planet around us, and of the beauty that we sometimes overlook, while also urging us to be aware of the individual actions we can make to affect change. “Change is up to me and you.”

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