“Always Be There” is the newest single off of Jonas Blue’s forthcoming album Together. Collaborating with acclaimed British singer-songwriter Louisa Johnson, Jonas Blue share this single for those who celebrate love and friendship that remains steadfast in every season. Blue wrote this track with Sam Roman, Andrew Wells and Maya Kurchner released by Astralwerks, “Always Be There” is third single off of Jonas’ upcoming album. Like “Always Be There,” Together is all about infectious uplifting vibes and global positivity.

“Always Be There” is upbeat and radiates positively happy vibes. A song expressing the strong connection between friends or even a lover. Louisa’s vocals dominate the entire track making every word expressive and vibrant. This song is perfect example of never giving up on a friend, sticking by their side through thick and thin. Blue always knows how to creative songs that will get you up and moving while Louisa’s vocals bring the excitement. A perfect song to slowly end out the summer leading into this fall season as it radiates comfort and safety.

“Always Be There” fits in with Blue’s many releases like “Fast Car,” “Perfect Strangers” ( a personal favorite), “Mama,” and “Polaroid.” Blue has amassed over 16 billion global streams, 78 million single sales and 130 Platinum certifications. Another great song featuring Louisa Johnson who is the latest global talent. This new single follows her chart success singles “Best Behavior,” “So Good” and “Tears.” Johnson’s debut single “Forever Young” reached number three in the UK charts after winning the twelfth of X-Factor at age 17. She was the youngest contestant to ever win the show and now she’s on hit singles with Jonas Blue. Love to see it!

“I’m a bit nervous and vvvv excited for tomo I haven’t released a song in a few years now and I don’t rlly know how to word this but thank you for being so patient and loving & supporting me from a distance til I’ve been ready ❤️❤️ love u and I rlly hope u love our creation.. this is the start of some very stunning music if I do say so myself ;)”

Louisa Johnson Instagram Caption

The creation is definitely a smash and a great start to kick off a new musical journey. Can’t wait to hear the rest of Together because if it emulates the same vibes as “Always Be There” it is going to be a fire new album. Listen to the new infectious song down below!

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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