Through the years, Five For Fighting aka John Ondrasik has stood the test of time. Ever since its genesis in 1995, this entity has been a symbol of joy to the world. From songs such as “Superman” (2000), “100 Years” (2004), “Heaven Knows” (2013) and much more, Five For Fighting has crossed the genre of pop effortlessly. So much so that he has now permanently carved his spot in our memories. Constantly reminding us that the life we live is precious and in our hour of need, a Superman will always emerge to pull us through. The best part of it is, it could be you or it could be someone else entirely making it a surprise ala Kinder Egg. 

A beacon of hope for all of the music world to see. John Ondrasik once again takes center stage in midst of one of the world’s darkest moments holding a candle with the track “Can One Man Save The World?”. Which was released last March 14th in all major platforms and accompanied by lyric video that can be seen via YouTube and Twitter. 

Looking at the song up close, “Can One Man Save The World” was penned with the brave Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in mind. One of the closest embodiment to the man of steel that we’ve witnessed in our lifetime, he is a real-life superhero ready to protect the lives of many and take charge without any inhibitions. Wherein John starts to describe the charismatic leader as “Who is this comedian. His audience more mice than men. This Superman Ukrainian. I don’t know.” and later followed up by “Great grandson of the Holocaust. An Eastern heart the West has lost. Nail or carry up his cross. I don’t know.”.

While that may be the case, this tune’s purpose isn’t just to gain awareness to this horrible crime against humanity and that lone man leading the troops to freedom. This also serves as a challenge for all of us to take the mantle President Zelensky has handed down. That we too should make a move to make the places we live in peaceful and harmonious just like a beautiful piece of music. Sure, we may not be amidst a war zone like they are, but we too face enemies that haunt us at a constant basis. Instead of staring them in the eye and walking the opposite direction, we are dared to stand up against them. A tall order yes, but it’s not impossible at all because we are all capable of change most especially if we band together and set aside our differences. 

For more John Ondrasik and Five For Fighting, please visit their official website, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for more heartwarming content. 

Up, up, and away! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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