Even from their band name, it’s easy to tell that Jesus Christ Supercar are going to offer something truly unique and fun with their musical output. Thankfully, the St. Louis natives deliver tenfold on that promise with their latest single, “What Time?” The track grabs listeners’ attention immediately with its addictive guitar work and danceable beat — a bit reminiscent of EMF in the sense of it being an alt-rock song to which one could easily bop. Much like their name, Jesus Christ Supercar definitely know how to have fun and not take themselves too seriously with “What Time?,” which answers the age-old question of what to do when intimacy is definitely on the table but has to be penciled into the participants’ schedules. It’s simultaneously a solid alt-rock song that’s very tongue-in-cheek and aware of the joke the whole way through — yet there’s also a bit of swagger to the experimentalist-grounded sound here, like a modern take on Oingo Boingo. But above all, “What Time?” is probably most like the White Stripes in that it’s not overly complicated, yet one knows it’ll be stuck in their head for days and weeks afterward. As Jesus Christ Supercar say about the track themselves:

“‘What Time?’ started out extremely tongue in cheek and then became a little bit less tongue in cheek. We wanted to write something that was really confident but kind of goofy in the end. It’s a song about that feeling you have when you just really want the person you’re with. It’s not a question of ‘can I take you home’ – it’s not meant for someone you don’t know. It’s a kind of goofy question of ‘we both love each other, what time should we get at it.’ You know, because you both know it’s already gonna happen. But we mixed in some goofy machismo, too. It’s supposed to play out like a bit of macho-satire. I hope that comes across to everybody else, ha.”

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