JAYO Sings Through Heartbreak of Being a “Fool” in Newest Single

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Here’s an indisputable fact – heartbreak sucks. And it’s even worse when you’ve been played because that’s just adding insult to injury at that point. But despite how heartbreak might happen, there’s one more indisputable fact – you’ll be okay. These are themes explored in a new single from emerging recording artist JAYO and if anything were to ever convince you that you’ll be okay…it’s the catchy melodies and smooth vocals that are beautifully contradictory to the very thought of heartbreak.

Los Angles native JAYO isn’t afraid to speak his mind and pursue his dreams. He quit his college track team in 2013 and decided to audition for choice, with no prior experience in singing. After joining 5 ensembles, learning guitar, and further developing his piano skills, he was only beginning to understand the impact music would have on his life, only to be guided closer and closer to the successful recording artist he is today. He has since embraced the 9-to-5 schedule; substitute teacher by day, singer/songwriter by night, and rising YouTuber/Instagram personality in between, he’s pursuing his dreams in style. Inspired by Ed Sheeran and Frank Ocean, JAYO puts his own spin on pop music and R&B, providing a unique, fun, and positive take that unites sounds of the old with sounds of the new.

He released his debut EP, Say It, in 2019. While some songs may take you back to your first heartbreak and others will make you remember the first time you fell in love, one thing remains the same: JAYO wants you to believe there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s because JAYO is really Just A Young Optimist, inviting listeners to join the movement of positivity and hope.

“Fool” is a mellow indie-pop song that captures how it feels to give someone your all, then for them to just rip it out from underneath you. Yet despite the lyrics that describe the associated disappointment and sadness, the airy guitar strums and floating vocals give the song a very different vibe. With each verse and chorus, the already lovely vocals somehow become more enchanting and engaging, building the energy of the track until it culminates at a cathartic bridge. JAYO acknowledges the harm he did in the relationship at all, and the hurt he contributed to its downfall. The vocal work in this track is absolutely outstanding and paired with the bright production, “Fool” makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, despite the originating message of heartache.

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