Janethan Delivers Soulful, Gritty Vocals in Cathartic “Fuck You”

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Hailing from Manchester, UK. Janethan is a powerhouse performer bringing soulful, gritty vocals to the pop world. With influences ranging from Dance, House, RnB, and Kpop, Janethan creates music that pulls from the strengths of a global music pool. He is inspired by the juggernaut females of the ’90s and ’00s, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce, whilst also taking inspiration from the likes of Timbaland, MNEK, and Ryan Tedder. This coupled with a love for international stars like Carla’s Dreams, Nek, 2NE1, and BTS results in a sound that is incredibly familiar, yet simultaneously fresh and exciting.

Janethan first found success when his cover of WINNER‘s hit single “Fool” caught the attention of the group leader and songwriter, Kang Seung Yoon. This catapulted him into the eyes of his peers and hundreds of thousands of fans online, with Korean news even reporting on the topic. Since then Janethan has had multiple viral videos, been featured in the MAMA awards 2017, and has received praise from Katy Perry, IKON, Shannon Williams, and many more.

His latest single, “Fuck You,” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever had to walk away from a toxic ex. It mixes his signature vocal styling with a cathartic and carefree production, which plays into the “I’ll be just fine” vibe that many listeners can surely resonate with. The indietronica production features warbling synths and heavy percussions to deliver a feeling of empowerment that parallels the message. The lyrics reveal the endless negative loop that is experienced in a toxic relationship: when you know the other person relishes in putting you down and you try to let it go by pretending you’re not bothered. When you decide to draw your boundaries and decide that enough is enough, that’s where the tremendous hook comes in with the resounding message and layered vocal performance.

“Fuck You” is the perfect goodbye anthem to a toxic ex and the start to your new life, free of them. So grab a drink, grab some friends, and scream the hook at the top of your lungs.

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