Feel Jackson Guthy’s Heartbreak in New Single, “Like I Did”

Singer-songwriter Jackson Guthy has just released “Like I Did,” a song about the turmoil of a relationship and where it stands. Someone giving their all questions if their partner is still happy in their situation and if they’ve made them feel as if they aren’t their first priority in the past unintentionally. The song portrays Guthy just on the brink and is full of uncertainty and doubt. 

Guthy has been playing piano since age four when his older sister quit piano lessons, and he took over where she left off. He has been writing songs since as early as age seven. Guthy has toured alongside Big Time Rush in 2012, and again in 2013. Following this, Guthy formed a group called “North of Nine” and subsequently quit making music in 2016. In 2017, he announced his comeback through Facebook and has released music sporadically since. 

His first released single since 2020, “Like I Did” is a true breakup song in which you can feel the pain through the lyrics. Singing, “Do I still make you happy like I did?” Guthy’s questioning is constant and doesn’t doubt his partners love, but doubts if his partner truthfully felt like he was giving his all in the relationship. He reflects on the relationship towards the end and states that “at least I did” in regards to making his partner happy at one point and that maybe they weren’t “meant to last.” Guthy’s crooning illustrates the inevitable demise of the relationship and the heartbreak of a relationship that once was happy and has unraveled once giving his all, and asking one’s self “is there something else you want that I can’t give?” in the end once coming to terms with the end. 

You can listen to Jackson Guthy’s newest single, “Like I Did” on his Spotify here!

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