EXCLUSIVE PREMIRE: “Shut Up” by TikTok Star Mia Rodriguez

Today marks the release day of Mia Rodriguez’s single “Shut Up,” and staples her even further as a new and young artist that strives to do whatever she can in the power of her artistry. The track and its colorful and quirky music video can be viewed for the first time ever HERE.

At only 19 years old, Rodriguez has been named by Australia’s national radio station as a “triple j Unearthed Feature Artist” as well as given the prestigious title of a “Unearthed Artist of the Year” nomination at the Australian Broadcasting Company’s annual J Awards. The end of 2021 saw her receiving the “Best New Artist” award at the Rolling Stone Australia Awards, and she has a massive following on many social media platforms. Of course, TikTok is where she first began posting and experimenting with her inventive videos, and very quickly built a dedicated fan following now exceeding two million.

Now signed with Atlantic Records, Rodriguez will continue to guide the path to a new dark-pop that spans the divide between alternative indie and melodic mainstream styles, and show everyone what young artists are truly capable of.

Photo Credit: miaaarodriguezzz on Instagram

The music video for “Shut Up” is incredibly vibrant and easily transports you to a world found only in someone’s imagination. Rodriguez makes the statement that we live in a sick and sad world, and if your not putting in the effort to make it slightly better, it’s time for you to shut up. The vocals for the track itself hold true in perfectly presenting Rodriguez’s style, and why she is so beloved by many across the globe.

Again, the exclusive first look to “Shut Up” can be watched for your enjoyment HERE. The song is also now uploaded on Spotify and YouTube.

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