The virtuosity of Sammy Rae & The Friends shines through yet again in their latest single

Earlier this month, the stellar Brooklyn collective Sammy Rae & The Friends released a sparkling new retro-soul track titled “For The Time Being.” The group collaborated with known Grammy-winning producer Neal Pogue (Tyler the Creator, Janelle Monae, Doja Kat) for it especially, and it’s clear it’s a project that’s very close to their heart with frontwoman Sammy Rae saying there’s a very real meaning behind the song’s one repetitive lyric. “Originally, it was just a little mantra we sang in the van. This song is a meditation on finding contentment in the present moment, but never growing complacent. All things will pass, the bad and the good. It can change, it can change, it can change,” she said.

This band of players has long been rooted in its modern take on the retro-soul genre but is far from afraid to cross those experimental lines in the process of making music. Influenced by genres such as classic rock, folk, funk, and jazz, the diverse sound of the band can be compared to almost no other. The group’s musical success also comes not just from their practices, but also from their “palpable chemistry, deft virtuosity, and vocal fireworks.” Complete with a rhythm and horn section, keyboards, and Sammy Rae’s unmistakable acrobatic vocals, their sold-out shows are consistently addictive with their high-spirited and unforgettable qualities. The same goes for their recorded tracks. In “For The Time Being”, the confident strumming of an acoustic gives way to Sammy Rae’s perfectly controlled voice singing, “I got this love in my life, but it could change…” Confident and passionate, a party made up of percussion, flute, and keys are gradually mixed into an upbeat melting pot of sound. Voices layer and the soundscape builds until it’s a great jungle of carefree celebration; choirs clapping, saxophones wailing, and triumphant key changes abound.

NPR Music, the Boston Globe, and American Songwriter have all dubbed Sammy Rae as an artist to watch in 2022, and it’s easy to see why. Once again looking beyond talent alone, the band considers themselves the “7 faces of The Friends,” choosing to advocate for the importance of their community, or, The Friends, their community of followers who help make the band’s vision a reality. The band also prides itself on this original grassroots, word-of-mouth growth and on making its discography as individualistic as it can.

Sammy Rae & The Friends just wrapped a five-week tour celebrating her latest single, “Follow Me Like the Moon,” and they’re continuing that celebration on the festival circuit this summer. Follow the group on their Instagram or other social media for more and listen to their latest from-the-heart release “For The Time Being” below!

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