Norwegian singer-songwriter, iris, is a musician of delicacy and exquisite balance. Her emotions run deep through warm waters of her minimalist electronic sound. While capturing the intense stories of young love, connection, and coming-of-age moments, iris, at the age of 22, yearns for more with her old soul.

iris was born into a music-loving family near Bergen, with four older siblings who all played instruments while she was growing up. Raised on The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell, she traces her own creative endeavors back to the seven-minute, a cappella songs she’d record on her first phone in the bedroom she shared with her brother. “Ten verses, no chorus. Not impressive at all,” she says, “but at least it was something…” Long-since erased in embarrassment, the tracks were the first sign of her vivid, novelistic approach to making music (1).

Her latest release, “lavender and heaven,” is no exception to the kind of music that sends you off into a land of dream and wonder. A sweet lull of a lullaby, it sends you to a land of deep feeling and warmth; a hand reaching out to another who is lonely and self-destructive.

“lavender and heaven” lyrics

The lyrics are a comfort in the midst of darkness, a loving arm seeking to be nothing but present while facing inner chaos and insecurity.

Today, iris premiered the music video to match, a symphony of dance through a sunny meadow and rainbow ridden waterfall as the artist lulls her listeners into a state of cathartic relief.

Watch the music video here:

lavender and heaven (official video)

Stream “lavender and heaven” on Spotify:

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