Describing herself as a “pop fusion smoothie” with ingredients including: fresh pop melodies, sub bass al dente, rhythmic lyrics, heavily distorted guitar, early 2000s synthesizers, *optional vocal chop if in the mood to dance and directions: soak ingredients in reverb and blend on high for approximately 3 minutes. Garnish with a sprinkle of teen angst. Her latest release is here to finish off the year strong.

Kat Saul’s sophomore EP “Made in the 90s” became available across all streaming platforms this week, on November 10th. Following up her debut EP, “…from Unit 408”, this EP shares a new light with her fans + audience coming from a particularly introspective period (*cough cough* quarantine maybe?).

We previously covered the intro track, “Alright”, in which Kat opened with a mellow, distorted guitar rhythm followed by a bold opening statement, “Bombs away, come a little closer“, creating a hook from the get go. The track builds up into a very pop based chorus, which feels surprisingly right given the fact that the verses are very based off 90s/punk rock elements. While Kat usually uses her voice in a more soft but electric way, this song feels like a breath of fresh air as a new hint of vulnerability sheds through. For fans of Hayley Williams and artists alike, this is a must listen!

With a strange opening line, and galloping guitar loop, “X2” has a chorus that pulses like a perfect cross-over of late 80s disco and early 2000s pop – which makes for a light weight vibe. Just as the mood began to pick up on “X2”, the following song, “Monsters”, quickly brings the listener back to a somber state of mind – feeling pensive while reflecting on nostalgic memories.

Photography by Matt Blum

Following the sad-girl banger, there’s “I Love to Hate You”. This title would definitely be the one off the track that really feels like a throwback to a previous decade when “10 Things I Hate About You” was popular. Steering away from a more pop-punk intro, this track takes a more indie electro approach setting the stage perfectly for the finale, “Cloud 9”.

Prior to the EP’s release, several of the tracks from the project have already received support from Spotify: having been featured on editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, Soda, and more. This project is a must listen for any avid pop fan, and Kat Saul is definitely one to watch going into the new year!

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