Female-fronted, Las Vegas Alternative pop-rock band, Heroine Honey, makes their debut in the music world with first single, “Print In The Sky.” Inspired by a mystical melting pot of legendary influences, including the likes of Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Queen, and The Doors, this four-piece power unit is ready to change the pace in the modern rock world.

The artists behind the project consists of Chastity (Lead Vocals), Steven (Guitar/Vocals), Brian (Bass/Vocals), and Nick (Drums). Following in the footsteps of acclaimed songwriting teams like Nicks/Buckingham, Plant/Page, and Mercury/May, primary songwriters Steven and Chastity have infused their love for dramatic rock, supernatural lyrics, and transcendent harmonies to create their distinctive musical brainchild. A string of catchy and eccentric singles are slated for release throughout 2022. First up, their debut, “Print In The Sky,” offers a modern and roughened edge to a crisp and powerful vocal performance, ridden with infectious guitar riffs that fill the space they create with excitement and ease.

This track is a mix of a few different elements. It is a dramatic rock song reminiscent of the dance/alternative sound of Muse, big group vocal harmonies via Queen, and a unique female lead vocal that is full of power, passion, and vulnerability.

The song is inspired by 90’s alternative/grunge while incorporating a slinky sort of Doors/bohemian feel that weaves in and out throughout the music. We imagine if the female love interest from the movie “The Lost Boys” wrote a song this might be what it would sound like. The premise is a mystical story about a woman- a siren, witch, or free spirit- if you will, who becomes obsessed with someone upon discovering their birth chart… We are deeply influenced by legends of the past and all things vintage rock.

~ Heroine Honey

“Print In The Sky” is a track equally nostalgia inducing for the classic rock era as it is fully modern. As the project’s strong beginning, we look forward to hearing more from them in the future. The single is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen below:

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  • Matt Mitchell
    1 year ago Reply

    Wow, awesome sounds coming from you both & your band! Spooky, haunting vocal harmonies & I love the cool “Whammy pedal” guitar riffs!! Killer deputy!!

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