Our beloved musicverse became a tad more colorful with Heaven X’s release of his debut single “Kids (Keep Ya Head Up)”. Set forth into the world last April 29th via major platforms. This beauty also comes with an MV that’s sure to get you right in the mood for an afternoon cruise. bikes, cars, and skateboards sold separately of course, but hey! 

Gifted with an incredible storytelling prowess that can rival great authors of the past. JC Das aka Heaven X paints lyrical paintings like no other. Inspired by the human condition, and his rich experiences as a monk in India, director of music, producer as well as a therapist. He takes us on a journey in a path of meaningful music and mindfulness. A dynamic duo that’s sorely needed in our society today. It could also be seen as refuge against the rough and tumble world we live in.

When looking at the song as a whole, we are treated with a record that blends the Eastern and Western culture seamlessly. How so? For starters, rap is present all throughout the track. Yet the beat it rests on is a rich mixture of modern-day hip hop accented with that alluring Indian flare. The result, a unique record sure to grab your attention for days on end. You might even say that this deserves a one-week loop on your playlist. It’s that great!

Lyrics wise, “Kids (Keep Your Head Up)” isn’t your typical mainstream fare. While it talks about the streets and the dangers found in it. He gives a different spin on it, steering far away from profanities and worldly matters such as “ass, drugs etc.”. Here’s a quick preview, “Missionary life. Go for the inner. Riding like Winona. Feeling on my winner. Ground getting thinner. Mind getting slimmer. Flying to the top. Lets these beats go and simmer.”. Wholesome? It sure is but it goes deeper than that. For the main aim at the end of the day is to point out the world’s flaws and in the same breath offer a solution. This is made known in his lines, “Nature or scripture. Find the right scribbler. Top of the pillar. Starts with caterpillar.” As well as his ending statement “If you wanna change this world. You’ve gotta start with the future of our world. These kids are our future teachers. They’re our future doctors. They’re our future lawyers. They’re our future presidents. If we don’t care for them, then we don’t care for this planet.”. 

Visually, the MV itself is simple yet extremely powerful. It is devoid of all that material glitter found in current day hip hop. Instead, it is replaced by Heaven X in a hoodie telling taking us on a spiritual journey. Through the bars he delivers, and the notes in between we also see a young boy evolve. What might be his mirror image, and a representation of the youth today. We see this kid go on with his life as he skates and wanders around sunny California. The startling part here is that, while his surroundings are captivating it is obvious that he progressively grows unhappy. In fact, we could go on a limb and say that he is searching for something but can’t pinpoint what it is (yet). Trying to make sense of the hand he is dealt with. A feeling that the youth of today can relate with a hundred percent. 

In search for more Heaven X? If so, head on over to his official website, Instagram, Twitter TikTok, and YouTube accounts for more eye-opening content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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