BlueBucksClan Drops New EP, SEE THE DIFFERENCE!

You might think that a global pandemic would hinder up and coming artists, but nothing seems to stop DJ and Jeezy Obama of BlueBucksClan. The childhood friends and former college football stars formed their rap duo in 2019 and have since done their city proud by representing South LA and taking the rap game by storm.

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In a sit down interview with Complex News, DJ and Jeeezy talk about their rise to fame. Music wasn’t originally what the duo was planning on doing, but when the opportunity presented itself, they dove in whole-heartedly. Initially the duo struggled with getting other artists to collaborate with them until Bino Rideaux. As BBC mentions, Bino Rideaux was one of the first artists to get behind the duo. Looking back on their early struggles, BlueBucksClan finds it funny that “people be waiting until they see someone else [rock] with you and then they be like okay, now it’s cool to [rock] wit you.” The entertainment industry is a cutthroat world where it helps to know people, and it didn’t take too long for the duo to start getting recognized by the likes of Quavo and Lil Yachty.

CREEPIN’ ft. Mustard & BlueBucksClan (Official Music Video)

BlueBucksClan Feat. Lil Yachty – Last Minute (Official Music Video)

Now, in March of 2022, the duo behind BlueBucksClan has dropped a new EP See The Difference. The four track EP includes “Valentine’s Day,” “Victory Cruz,” “See The Difference,” and “When We.” The opening song “Valentine’s Day” is a braggadocios way for BBC to say that they typically “ghost on Valentine’s” but if they were to participate, they’d be doing it better than the guy you’re with. It’s a great opener filled with smooth-talking and one-off references.

Valentine’s day music video directed by tevoLAron

All the tracks truly shine in this EP, but none brighter than the title track “See The Difference.” DJ and Jeeezy promise that you can see the difference between them and the other guys, and “See The Difference” delivers on this promise. While the track does take the time to brag about how nice it can be to mess with someone who rocks designer, the focus of the song is really on how DJ and Jeeezy will make time for their special someone. DJ raps, “I ain’t really got no time, but I make time for you” showing that no matter what may get in his way, his love interest is always his number one priority.

In a later verse, Jeeezy delivers a line that truly makes the audience see the difference. He says, “You got potential, you got goals, I can see it, I’ma challenge you.” Everyone strives to have a partner who is able to see their potential and help them achieve their goals, and throughout the duration of the song, BlueBucksClan shows you exactly how they’re going to turn those dreams into reality.

“See the Difference” music video

BlueBucksClan is constantly working on new music — the duo managed to drop seven projects in just two years– and you can keep up with them on their music website or by following DJ and Jeeezy Obama on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the See The Difference EP, it’s currently streaming on all music platforms. For more news and reviews about your favorite artists be sure to stay tuned with Glasse Factory!

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