Let’s admit it. Harry Potter is still a name the gets us all excited. Regardless of who you are, it always elicits that sense of wander triggering our happy hormones to the highest level. Yes, it’s a movie about magic and we’ve all seen that before. But HP as some of us would affectionately call it is more than just your typical fantastical sorcery flick. It’s a nostalgia trip unto itself most especially for us millennials. 

From intro till the end credits from all seven movies in the franchise. It all took us back to our younger (or wilder) days and at the same time inculcated the true meaning of friendship and family. It also reminded us that school isn’t as bad as it seems, in fact it’s a fun place to be with especially with amazing friends and teachers around. 

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When it comes down to the books, due to its international appeal, J.K. Rowling’s magical seven captivated a generation of bookworms. It cast a spell on everyone in its path, enticing them to jump into Harry and the gang’s colorful world. It provided that needed escape and to jettison into fantastical scenarios. From mythical and mystical creatures and everything in between, the world was unlocked every time a page was turned. 

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Whether you’re a fan of the book or the franchise itself, Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron and yes even Hagrid became more than just characters. They’ve turned into our family and to an extent our invisible support system. Every year, smile, laughter, and rage, they were there. We saw ourselves in them, learned from their choices and their often-unconventional wisdom. We tried learning every spell, and though nothing happened (because fiction) we all came out better individuals in the end. 

It’s been roughly a decade since we’ve all heard from Harry and the club, whether in print or on screen (barring the redesigns of the covers of course). This radio silence has been deafening, and for fans out there it’s been difficult to say the least. But they do understand to an extent because that’s how life is right? Everything has an end. Tough that may be the case, it doesn’t mean that the memories go away too. They will continue to live in the hearts of everyone. 

Just like a long-lost love, finally Harry and the troops came back into our loving arms. That joyous moment came in the form of HBO’s “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts” which premiered January 1st this year. While this isn’t a movie, this New Year’s special of sorts still had the elements that got us all hooked. The magic, friendship, struggles, joys, and the quests were still present but what makes this a standout is that the people behind the characters were the stars of the night. Their experiences, before, during and after the series transpired were in the spotlight. 

Here we got to see them for who they truly are, the beautiful individuals that brought our favorite characters to life. The relationships they formed with each other through the years, how it changed them, and the lessons learned.

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103 minutes was all that were given, but it was more than enough to remind us that HP was more than just another franchise. It was one of the many pillars of pop culture that make up who are. 

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts
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If you miss it or would just like to relive the memories of this night, click here, or contact your local cable provider for more details. 


Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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