One of the final things 2019 had to offer was the newest album from Harry Styles. The former One Direction member released the 12-track album and showed an entire new side of himself to all his current fans and earned dozens of new fans. If Harry Styles wasn’t already the face of pop music, then he is now.

The album itself has grown rumors of it being about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe. Fine Line shows every side of Harry that he showed Camille. This album was made for one person to listen to. He wanted to show every side of himself to her, but most importantly he wanted to show her his weakest self. He wanted her to accept him. That is what Harry Styles wants to show all his fans. That no matter who you are and how you rank in society does not matter. We all want that one person to accept us when we can’t even accept ourselves. We all want to hear that it is all going to be okay and we all hope that the one person who says, “I am always going to be here for you” and means it. Although it seems impossible at times, it helps to remember we will all find them. Until then we will be crying to “Falling.”

The former X factor contestant has released two albums now and has no where to go but up from here on out.  Now No.1 on multiple charts, this album has what it takes to stay there for a long time. This album has songs like “Golden” and “Watermelon Sugar” that can make you want to dance the night away. On the other hand, it has songs like “Cherry” and “She” that makes you want to sit on your patio with a half smoked cigarette and a cheap whiskey and coke while you think about that one girl a couple years back that looked you in the eyes and said thank you as you opened the door for her at Starbucks.

The album finished with the album’s namesake “Fine Line.” Harry is open about his plans for this song and how he wanted the works with the strings and the horns. The climactic and over the top finale is about coming to terms with what we can control and riding the fine line between what we want and what we fear. Accepting the fact that you may love each other but life won’t let you have that because of the greater plan. Riding the fine line and accepting that fate will always have our best interest, like Harry says, “We’ll be alright.”

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