So much music these days is so meticulous, precise and surgically tailored, it can all start to sound a bit the same after awhile. And while familiarity can provide much comfort for listeners, there’s always that itch to have something a bit more “out there” and risk-taking in its execution. Thankfully, with their newest single, “OK,” Canadian hard alt-rock duo cleopatrick have provided just the right song for these troubled times.

cleopatrick have continuously broken ground in the hard rock sphere since their debut in 2015. With arrangements akin to Highly Suspect, and guitar-plus-vocal work inspired by Arctic Monkeys, the duo have amassed quite a list of accomplishments. They’ve performed at festivals from Lollapalooza in Chicago to 2000 Trees Festival in England, created their own label — Nowhere Special Recordings — where they released their successful debut, BUMMER, and just this year made a surreal concert documentary film, A FILM CALLED: BUMMER. On top of that, their latest single, “OK,” proves just how unique cleopatrick are — as guitarist and vocalist Luke Gruntz says about the track:

“’OK’ is a song about asteroids (specifically referencing 99942 APOPHIS), evil computers, sneaker brands and illusory-worth of our digital personas … It’s a song about all the shit you have to click ‘OK’ on these days. You do it so much you reach the point where you don’t really think about the meaning or implications of digital consent … We wanted this song to sound like it was recorded and produced using a sentient IBM computer from 2002 … We digitally abused this song, chopping, degrading, stretching and looping sections with no regard for the rules.”

Indeed, “OK” sounds like little else on — or off — the radio right now, with its slew of distortions and musical tricks to make the song feel like it’s three different tracks in one. The lyrics are some of the most imaginative in recent memory, with an opener like, “Nothing gives me joy / Like getting down on all fours with the boys / Drinking poison, making noise / And telling girls I’m self-employed,” and verses like, “99942 Apophis still somewhere out there / She say he gon’ come and get us / Said I’m well aware / Still complacent to the grave / My headstone gonna say / ‘R.I.P big L.U.K / Ok-ok-ok-ok-ok-ok-ok-ok.'” It’s a cryptic yet grounded song, almost like a ramble in terms of sound and style, yet very distinct in what it’s trying to achieve musically. There’s a vibe of paranoia and destitution by the end — a resignation to the fact that everything is out of our control and so one might as well break the rules, which is an especially powerful sentiment in today’s society.

In addition to releasing new music, cleopatrick have just finished performing at their most recent Canadian festivals dates, as well as a North American tour where they supported Royal Blood — they are now touring in Europe. Stay tuned for more information on their upcoming music releases as we learn more. You can also catch Glasse Factory’s Zoom interview with cleopatrick and listen to their latest single, “OK,” below!

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