Hello angels, do we have an album for you. Haliene is dropping a brand new album on August 26 called Heavenly. This new album pays homage to her roots of trance and melodic dubstep through a narrative poetic style. We get a glimpse of this journey through her new song “Underneath My Skin.” A new electro-dance song with Haliene’s strong soaring vocals and steady progressive melody. “Underneath My Skin” has a pulsating beat, the sound of strings and power bombing bass rhythms that you hear throughout the song. Haliene takes you through an exploration of contrasting the superficial and the profound. She shows us the connections between us and what is hidden beneath the surface.

“Underneath My Skin” Official Cover Art

The moment you listen to this song you are instantly taken on a spiritual journey, separating from yourself. It’s as if you are looking at yourself from the outside. A trip that’ll help connect you to yourself, to others and the world. Take a step back and heal from the inside out. The song flows through you and you feel the vibrations of the beat pulsating while hearing Haliene’s self-reflecting lyrics.

She sings about this love interest who takes the mess she’s made of herself and turns it into geometry, breaking down the problems to help with opening up. The chorus plays out that Haliene is following the circuit wire across her brain, underneath her skin and she will find this love. This is the love that you can feel in every inch of your body, flowing through your veins and you can’t live without it. It goes deeper than the surface and attaches to all the inner parts of your body. Sounds electrifying, and that is exactly what the song presents itself as.

“Underneath My Skin” by Haliene

“In a world where we are confronted by skin-deep reality everywhere we go, from the people we meet to the device screens we interact with, this song pulls the listener deeper beneath that. This is the story of that impetus to take us from digital to spiritual to find our intuition, our connection, and our divinity. It could be a human relationship that finally breaks the skin of these fleeting surfaces, a spiritual experience, or sometimes just a breath – that expands us outward from the inside to find peace, and unconditional love, letting go of judgment of ourselves and others. In this song, we follow that guide into those moments of complete surrender, when we’re not thinking, into the energy and truth that creates and moves through us.”


“Underneath My Skin” is just the start to an exciting album coming out very soon. Heavenly will have A-list features with some of the hottest dance music artists like Armin Van Buuren, Excision, Illenium and Seven Lions. Haliene is taking the EDM world by storm as a solo artist. This album comes alongside Haliene’s second headlining tour. You can get your tickets to the Heavenly Tour here.

Official Tour Dates

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