Grammy Award-winning four-piece band, Greta Van Fleet, debuted their latest track today, March 19th, titled, Coming from their highly-anticipated sophomore album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate, the artists draw inspiration from the ultimate rock-and-roll classics, even their love songs talk more than simply of their lover. It goes far deeper and becomes a much more visceral experience of the plunge into true and deep love, heartbreak. Their new work expands upon this, breaking from their “They sound just like Led Zeppelin,” angle to become something much more spiritual and lasting in their craft. 

“Broken Bells” is a continuation of their tales as artists, and an anthem intended to inspire after we faced a dark year. Greta Van Fleet in fact does inspire; finding the hope and purity in the midst of chaos to break down the barriers that divide us. 

“[This track] is what the fetter of society does to impact a pure and innocent soul. Our intention is to remove the obligation of generational synthetic expectations; break down these walls and not build new ones,” explains the band’s bassist Sam Kiszka.

The band’s record, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, reflects heavily on the individual member’s growth during their rise to fame. From grimy rock bars to headlining shows and attaining Grammy-nominations (Best Rock Performance, Best New Artist, Best Rock Album) in just three years, the Michigan-based band has expanded into their own identity as we patiently wait for the upcoming album. 

“There was a lot of self-evolution happening during the writing of this album that was prompted by experiences I had, experiences we all had,” explains vocalist Josh Kiszka. “It’s reflecting a lot of the world that we’ve seen, and I think that it’s reflecting a lot of personal truth,” says guitarist Jake Kiszka.

“Certainly after this, we’ve grown in so many ways,” Josh explains. “This album has taught us a lot, about life in general, about ourselves, about all of us, about the world we live in.”

As the fourth single from the album, “Broken Bells” follows previous releases “My Way Soon,” “Heat Above,” and “Age of Machine.” They recently performed on the Stephen Colbert show with their newest hits. You can watch the video at the link here.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming LP, out on April 16th, and available for pre-order here. Stream “Broken Bells,” available now on all streaming platforms.

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