When one thinks of artists who have stood the test of time, it’s usually within the broad genres of rock, pop, country or even jazz. Very rarely do specific artists in niche genres get recognition for lasting as long as they have, despite countless fans and hundreds of thousands of album sales. This is especially true for metal artists, and even more so for the particular genres of gothic or alternative metal, which began to thrive in the early 90’s and to this day remain under-the-radar for even the most ardent music lovers. Now, as one of the progenitors of the genre, Lacuna Coil show fans new and old just how relevant and important they still are with the release of their latest single, “Tight Rope XX.”

Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil have been around since 1994, paving the way for artists like Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation and Halestorm — along with their respective powerhouse female singers. Yet it took until 2002 for Lacuna Coil to really take off outside of Europe, with the release and rapid airplay of their album Comalies. It’s fitting then that, 20 years after its debut, Lacuna Coil are revisiting the album that effectively put them on the map by reworking it from start to finish. With “Tight Rope XX,” the band shows not just the way their sound has evolved over time, but also how they’re as cohesive and strong as ever, if not more so. As the band says of the new take on their old song, and the reimagined album in general:

“Welcome to ‘Comalies XX,’ a brand-new record. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Comalies,’ we felt this special album deserved more than a remastering. We didn’t just give it a new dress, we built a new skeleton and gave it new skin and a new life. ‘Comalies XX’ is alive and walks alone, this is not a remake or a reboot, it’s ‘Comalies’ on steroids! ‘Tight Rope XX’ and its video are just a taste of what’s coming, and we couldn’t be more proud.”

“Tight Rope XX” has always been one of Lacuna Coil’s most personal and emotive songs, and it makes perfect sense to reintroduce their defining album to the world with this new version. The original is a very early 2000’s sound, full of slow tempos and layers of electric guitars. While the new take is a bit more upbeat and higher-pitched insofar as bass and vocals, the meaning behind the lyrics remains as pertinent as ever: “You want it all, the greatest smile / Who wants to deny forever? / You’re made of ice, I pay the price / For all your unforgiveness.” The band has never given a true definition of the song’s meaning other than eschewing its connection to religion, but it’s not hard to hear the heartbreak and frustration in Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro’s voices — a deep-seated love-hate relationship with someone who asked for too and led them down a twisted path, causing the destruction of everything good in their life. The music video for “Tight Rope XX” mirrors that self-destruction well, by showing a group of scientists watching Lacuna Coil perform as a timer eventually begins to count down. As the song gets more intense and the countdown sequence gets closer to zero, the room goes red, the band becomes more passionate in their playing, the scientists either run for their lives or are too paralyzed by wanting to know what will happen — until the counter finally stops, and it’s implied by a close-up of one scientist’s eye that the space has blown up completely. It’s an apt visual metaphor for the lyrics, and a great representation of the highs and lows that the song hits musically and vocally.

Lacuna Coil may not be a household name in the music world, but especially with the reworking of one of their biggest albums, they deserve all the praise and commendation for paving the way for so many — and sounding better than ever today. Their new album, Comalies XX, will release October 14 via Century Media Records and is already available for preorders. Lacuna Coil is also currently on tour across Europe and the United States between now and early 2023. They will be performing the entirety of Comalies XX in Milan on October 15 — but you can listen to “Tight Rope XX” and watch its music video below now!

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