Glassetonbury, Vol. 6: Final Four

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March Madness may be over, but the Final Four of Glassetonbury, Vol. 6 is just getting started. Two weeks remain in our competition, and Julia Gomez, Self-Help, Huxley Sun, or Chris Howard will eventually be crowned our sixth Glassetonbury champion.

By reaching the Final Four, all of these artists have earned a permanent place in our Glassetonbury: Hall of Fame Spotify playlist. In fourteen days, our winner will also earn a featured interview on our front page, a live stream/fan Q&A on our Instagram Live, and more.

Let’s take a look at our bracket:

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Cry Over You” — Julia Gomez

defeated “k (all i got to say)” by NUVILICES in the Round of 32

defeated “The Boost” by Cee Nario in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Lost Without You” by Tim Gallagher in the Elite Eight

A big, bold melody congealed with infectious lyrics for Julia Gomez’s “Cry Over You”. It’s the kind of upbeat track a bunch of girlfriends might get together and blast after their friend finished a nasty breakup. Icona Pop came to ear most readily. 


So Long, I Guess” — Self-Help

defeated “Used To This” by Joe Daccache in the Round of 32

defeated “Swimming” by Sprints in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Swim” by Lazyrevs in the Elite Eight

Self-Help popped in the listener’s ear with a selfless aim to give a loving goodbye to an important person in her life. It’s the kind of parting one could see having occurred on the rainy patio of a Parisian cafe, conducted with poetic somberness matched by Alison Sudol


Waves and Walls” — Huxley Sun

defeated “Reliance” by King Quice in the Round of 32

defeated “Modystly” by Modyst in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Beautiful Desperation” by Goldpark in the Elite Eight

A nuanced indie-folk song called “Waves and Walls” came out recently from Argentinian-born, Warsaw, Poland-based performer Huxley Sun. With immersive, intimate movement in the background, Sun captured a swelling tension that may draw comparisons to Bon Iver.


After the Alley” — Chris Howard

defeated “Same Kids” by Chick in the Round of 32

defeated “Cornered” by Mylo Bybee in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Naym_Brnd” by S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv in the Elite Eight

Chris Howard melded soul and jazz on “After the Alley,” a track chock full of stacked background vocals and tasty keys riffs. In the song, he expertly captured the manic symptoms expected of one engaging in the dangerous behavior alluded. It calls to mind an edgier John Mayer promoting the sexy side of addiction, if you will.


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