Abigail Rose makes a strong entrance into 2021 with her first single of the year, “Out of My Hands.” The track showcases the Nashville-Based singer-songwriter’s talent with deep lyricism and powerful ambitions that juxtapose a catchy pop melody. With poetic intention, she delivers a lesson that many have had to face throughout this past year; sometimes, it hurts more to hold onto something that you have no control over.

There is quite a familiarity in feeling helpless over the cataclysmic chaos of the world. As Rose addresses the desire to plan out a life in an ever-changing world, the need to set goals and landmarks for one’s life, instrumentals of the track compliment the feeling of both anxiety and release of behind taking a breath and letting go. Other individual’s decisions or actions can have such a dramatic impact on your life, whether it be heartbreak, tragedy, or a global pandemic, Abigail Rose certainly hits a topic that everyone can relate to no matter where they stand in 2021.

“When I can’t make a difference
I can’t help but feel helpless
Was I born feeling like this
Trying to save everybody else. . .

“. . . If I just let go,
Maybe I’ll find some control
I try to hold on as much as I can,
But it’s out of my hands.”

Abigail Rose; “Out of My Hands”

Shortly after her first single release for 2021, Abigail Rose also hit another milestone for her career with “Sinking” reaching 1 million streams. Be sure to check out the rising star’s new single, “Out of My Hands,” out now!

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